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At L&R Salon, we believe that there’s no better sight than seeing our customers smile and knowing that we’ve made their lives easier and even more beautiful than before.
Our stylists are masters at Keratin Treatments & Brazilian Blowouts, and gifted experts in the art of hair cuts, color and style. Tell them what you wish to do with your hair, and they’ll make it happen.
Certified in Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments, we set out to guarantee a terrific experience for everyone involved. When the treatments first gained popularity, salons had to conduct the treatment outdoors while some even had to go through it by the nearest alley! With this in mind, we designed and put up a one-of-a-kind Ventilation Room that will change the way Brazilian Blowouts and Keratin Treatments are done–forever. See and feel the difference for yourself!

How L&R Became LA’s go-to Salon for Brazilian Blowouts

It has been our experience, that good candidates for the Brazilian Blowout are anyone who has frizzy, damaged or processed hair. We have performed the treatment on every hair type (fine/coarse/frizzy, curly), as well as hair that has been permed, Japanese straightened and extensions. In doing so, we have found that with proper communication and a well considered application, everyone can benefit from the Brazilian Blowout smoothing treatment.
The hair will be left totally frizz-free, shiny, effortlessly manageable and with plenty of body and bounce. There will still be the option to wear hair curly/wavy (depending on the hair type) and the freedom to blow dry hair smooth and straight in a fraction of the time invested prior to receiving the treatment.  

Done By a Certified Professional
L&R SALON guarantees that no matter how you enter our salon, you’ll walk out with your best hair yet. We consider our customers’ hair as their crowning glory, and we strive to provide first-class hair services with a lot of passion and a reasonable price tag.
Whether you’re looking for a simple cut to refresh your look, a drastic style change to shake up your routine, a gorgeous Brazilian Blowout that is done by a certified professional, or a trendy new hair color that will rock your image, L&R Salon will deliver. After all, more than a hundred 5-star reviews can’t be wrong!
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